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Coffin Problem - S/T - 12"


Coffin Problem - S/T - 12"

15.00 20.00

Limited run. Clear/Smoke Vinyl.

Here it is. This is the debut from Coffin Problem (Grand Rapids, MI). Comprised of 4 guys that give a shit about tone...this is a monster of an LP. Choose-your-own adventures in life, sure, but take warning, some things are inescapable! Taxes. Bubbles in a swimming pool. The inspired feelings one gets while immersed in the wall of guitars on this album. Death. All things inevitable.

Embrace Coffin Problem, and you get wave after blissful wave that will send your drone-loving hearts into space. You get slow-burning epics and avalanche-inducing, frenzied finales. You get the impression that the members of Coffin Problem have better pedals than you. You get big, cinematic, Midwestern rock 'n' roll that you won't soon forget. ENJOY.

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